Team Development

I am a CTT Practitioner trained, certified and accredited by the Barrett Values Center which specialises in the use of CTT Culture Assessments – powerful metrics that enable the measurement and management of organisational culture. These metrics were developed by the Barrett Values Centre in 1998 and have been helping organisations like yours thrive by building high-performing, values-driven teams and cultures.

Team coherence and cultural transformation happen when people in the organisation become deeply aware of their motivations and are able to align these with their organisational strategic intentions in a collaborative way. It is an evolutionary process that unleashes the best of what can be, both individually and collectively as a team for the organisation.

Working with your unique CTT team results, I can support you to design and deliver a team development programme tailored to your needs to have a significant and lasting impact on your organisation and its stakeholders.



1. Your Discovery Call

We’ll have a call via Skype, Zoom, Facetime, or Phone to see if we’re a fit. Book your free call HERE.



2. Team Assessment

We’ll do a team assessment of your team’s values, strengths, and areas for growth.


3. Team Review Session

I’ll walk the team through the interpretation of their results and help them explore the areas that need further inquiry.

4. Team Workshop(s)

In one or several half- or full-day workshops we address the areas for growth and develop a measurable action plan.

5. Check-In Sessions

We track the team’s progress to see what’s working and where adjustments or further training are needed.

Organisational Culture

Organisational Culture is a decisive factor in determining whether an organisation flexibly navigates through rocky waters of ongoing change and uncertainty, or sinks in the face of complex challenges. If the crew can’t agree amongst each other and works with underlying resentment, is often sick, or constantly training new seamen, because another able seaman has just jumped ship, the ship may not make it to the other shore. To keep the ship afloat and moving forward, we need a culture in which everyone onboard is happily willing to take the rudder and steer the ship through rocky waters. Each member of the crew needs to feel ownership of their part in the mission. And the reason they believe in the mission is 

because it aligns with their own values. They trust in their team members, because it feels safe to do so.  Everyone’s in the same boat after all, working for a cause that everyone shares. This kind of culture brings meaning and fulfilment to each crew member. It brings greater productivity and hence greater customer satisfaction, less absenteeism and turnover, in short: More profit, sustainable growth, and a work environment everyone enjoys showing up for every day. Creating an environment like this begins with looking at the captain’s internal world, their values, beliefs and opportunities for growth. Because this is what’s reflected in the culture they are creating around them. 

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