Organisational Consulting

CTT Consultant: Leadership Development, Team Development and Mental Wellbeing Workshops

Leadership Development Consulting

This is a 1:1 set up where I  work with the leader of an organisation to assess their current performance and their own vision of what leadership means to them. It is to gain clarity on what fulfils them on a personal level in order to find purpose, direction and alignment again with their mission and vision for the organisation. Because internal cohesion and clarity inspires a reflected work culture in which people thrive and perform at their best to ensure long-term growth.  

Team Development Consulting

This program is aimed at teams seeking increased coherence in decision-making and being able to discuss difficult topics. It’s a facilitated process to create space for individual team members to reflect on their personal alignment with their role, the team and the organisation as well as for the members to come together and discuss shared values and desires for a team culture that works through applying new perspectives, ideas and behaviours.

Mental Wellbeing Workshops

I provide one-off or series of workshops for employee mental wellbeing catered to the organisation’s needs on demand. Topics can range from stress & resilience to dealing with change and uncertainty, how to cope with anxiety or overwhelm, training your growth mindset, or building self-confidence and dealing with procrastination. Format options range from lunch & learn, half day- or day workshop up to several days. 

Could it be Culture? 

Toxic Environment

High Turnover


Continuous Change

Low Productivity

Stress & Anxiety

Organisational Culture

Organisational Culture, I believe, is a decisive factor in determining whether an organisation flexibly navigates through rocky waters of ongoing change and uncertainty, or sinks in the face of complex challenges. If the crew can’t agree amongst each other and works with underlying resentment, is often sick, or constantly training new seamen, because another able seaman has just jumped ship, the ship may not make it to the shore. To keep the ship afloat and moving forward, we need a culture in which everyone onboard is happily willing to take the rudder and steer the ship through rocky waters. Each member of the crew needs to feel ownership of their part in the mission. And the reason they believe in the mission is because it aligns with their

own values. They trust in their team members, because it feels safe to do so.  Everyone’s in the same boat after all, working for a cause that everyone shares. This kind of culture brings meaning and fulfilment to each crew member. It brings greater productivity and hence greater customer satisfaction, less absenteeism and turnover, in short: Sustainable growth and effectiveness, and a work environment everyone enjoys showing up for. Creating an environment like this begins with looking at the captain’s internal world, their values and beliefs. Because this is what’s reflected in the culture they create every day they show up at work. 





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