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Mindset and Life Coaching for Personal & Professional Development

1:1 Coaching

Customised coaching tailored to your individual needs. We’ll unwire your biggest challenges and set your soul free.

Group Coaching

An effective way to heal and grow in a safe space with people who share your journey and hold you accountable. 


Shift your mind in an intensive, hands-on group session. An opportunity to work together offline and in person. 

People I worked with on…


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I am incredibly thankful to Helene for helping me change the way I look at time. Instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed trying to cram too much into too short a space with deadlines looming, she gifted me with a practical visualisation that makes time feel infinite – and it is making all the difference both to my stress levels and how relaxed I am about getting things done. It is even helping me get the kids out the door without totally losing my patience!

Michelle Whitehead

Change & Uncertainty

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I’m going through a lot of change at the moment and felt insecure and stuck. Helene helped me release blockages and old belief systems. She also gave me SO many useful tips and tools to work on myself and my mindset. I can wholeheartedly recommend Helene to anyone who is stuck and is looking for guidance. Our NLP sessions were mind blowing for me and I felt so much lighter after each one. It finally clicked for me that it’s okay to let go of everything that doesn’t serve me anymore and take full responsibility for my life and the path I want to take. Helene is a great coach and knows what she is talking about. I will definitely work with her again. Thank you so much Helene for helping me, you are amazing!

Ronja Kaufmann


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Helene immediately made me at easeand targeted the source of m

anxiety almost right away. By the endof the coaching I have been able to 

push past a blockage that has been 

around since childhood and I walked out a different, much more confident person. Thanks Helene! 

Alex Douglas


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Working with Helene was a milestonein my career. It helped me shape my 

ideas, structure my goals and define my mission so that I can move forward with confidence and speak 

my mind very clearly. – Zeinab Arteil

Career Transition

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My coaching with Helene gave me clarity and insight into my big picture vision. She helped me break down some of the fears and beliefs in my way. She helped me break things down into bite-size actionable items I could take to move forward. Stuff I could literally do today to make progress. She was able to ask the right questions to help me see what was right in front of me, and also recognize it wasn’t difficult to achieve. I’d recommend Helene to anyone who feels stuck, foggy in their direction or too blocked by their fears to move forward. She has a very practical way of helping you see and take the steps you seek. – Leah Santa Cruz

Limiting Beliefs

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Helenes coaching is crazily effective!  In no time my life radically shifted  to the next level. Everything has been  falling into place since our coaching  and Im dancing through life like Im  in love, because Im getting rid of all  those limiting beliefs and feel much more confident trying new things I  was afraid of before or didnt think  possible for me. Thank you!!

Dr. Sabine Egger

Why I Only Coach Online

All of my 1:1 and Group Coaching works online via Skype, Facetime, Zoom, or whichever video channel is convenient for the client. The advantage of this is that the client doesn’t have to travel to a therapist office or be in the same region in order to receive regular coaching. 

Clients have reported a great sense of relief around knowing that they can ‘take me with them’ even when they go abroad or travel a lot for work, because I’m with them in the comfort of their own environment while we have our sessions. Many enjoy lying on their couch or in their bed while working through their challenges, and I am right there with them as if I was in the room, but I’m not, so they can wear pyjamas.

Others have reported that they find it reassuring to know that I’m not living anywhere near their social environment, because they’d feel embarrassed admitting to their friends and family that they are seeing a therapist. It can create a calming sense of anonymity.


I, on the other hand, have created a lifestyle for myself where I am not just in one place all the time, but move between bases and different countries. So in order to be there for my clients consistently and effectively, I’m taking my practice with me wherever I go. The beauty of technology makes online coaching possible. 

I’m working with people from Australia, Germany, Hongkong, Denmark, the Balkans, the Middle East, Finland and more, many of whom I have never met in person. Nonetheless, through our weekly meetings where we see one another in a comfortable environment, we build a coach-client relationship just as if we were meeting in a therapist’s office every week.

My coaching is entirely focused on the mental and emotional world of the client with no touch required, so there is no need for me to be physically present. I guide the client through their mental and emotional healing process via dialogue and visualisations, which works exactly the same in a virtual room as it would in a physical room.

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My Approach

With a background in humanitarian work in conflict zones, I’ve always felt strongly for the humanitarian cause and developed a deep interest in the relief of human suffering. Meeting people who had everything taken from them, sometimes their entire families wiped out by war, and the scars they carried with them both physically and mentally had me wonder how it could be possible for them to ever have a ‘normal’ life. 

During my work with Syrian war refugees at the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in Lebanon I observed something interesting: I noticed how people equally affected  dealt with their circumstances in different ways. Some looked at the future as an opportunity and second chance in life, others fell into deep depression, because all they could see was darkness.

And I found that which way it went mostly depended on the stories they would tell themselves in their mind. In short: Their chance for a new beginning depended on their mindset and what kind of thoughts they habitually focused on. So I began to wonder: Could it be possible to actively persuade the mind to shift into a different mode when it doesn’t naturally do so? Because if it were possible, all those people left behind would actually have a second chance at life. 


So I went on a quest to find out which lead me on a long journey of study, self-enquiry and experimentation. I did several trainings in coaching from health to life coaching, and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) as well as BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® (BWRT®) – available from July 2019 – to gain access to the subconscious mind and unwire unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours right where they originate.  

Since then I’ve worked with 100s of individuals to rewrite their mental stories and free themselves from past traumas, limiting beliefs and less than clear visions of the future. Because it allows for a life both meaningful and joyfully real. Because I believe that everyone deserves to see the light and apply their most precious gifts to serve humanity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do only one session?

I do one-off BWRT Therapy® sessions with clients that present specific mindset challenges, i.e. anxiety, social phobia and fears, or whom I’ve worked with previously. We’ll then take it session by session until the desired results are achieved. For Life- and Career Transition Coaching, I start from 4 sessions.

(NOTEBWRT Therapy® will be available from July 2019.)

Where and how often do we meet?

All my coaching is ONLINE via Skype, Facetime, or Zoom. For Life- and Career Transition Coaching, we meet either once per week, or every other week to keep the momentum up and get you faster results.

How long does one session last?

BWRT Therapy® sessions for specific mindset challenges last 60 minutes, whereas Life- and Career Transition Coaching sessions last on average 90 minutes, occasionally stretching to two hours if space is needed to bring an unfolding process to its natural end. The price per session is fixed however. 

(NOTEBWRT Therapy® will be available from July 2019.) 

When and how do I pay you?

Payment is due before the session begins and is done via bank transfer, PayPal, debit- or credit card.  

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