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Hello! I’m Helene.

CTT Consultant, NLP Master- &  BWRT-Practitioner, EI & Life Coach, MA Diplomacy

As a former humanitarian worker, intercultural facilitator and trainer with a Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and expertise in various coaching methodologies, I apply a comprehensive coaching approach to sustainably enhance capacity building, resilience and wellbeing of employees working in the humanitarian- and peace-building sector:

NLP Master & BWRT Practitioner to help clients identify and overcome mental and emotional stressors by challenging existing perceptions and opening up new ways of thinking, feeling and acting conducive to personal and professional growth and wellbeing

Life- & Emotional Intelligence Coach to help clients create clear and authentic goals in alignment with personal values, develop sustainable success strategies, and enhance social- and self-awareness to improve communication skills and relationships at work

CTT Practitioner using cultural transformation tools ( to help organisational leaders explore self- and other-perception within their team and organisation in order to develop values-based strategies for improved organisational cohesion and overall effectiveness.

I am also an independent member of the Coaching Pool at the Forum Civil Peace Service:

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